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Tenor case study

Tenor is a GIF engine and mobile keyboard app that also powers many communication platforms such as Facebook messenger, Apple’s iMessage, Twitter and Slack to name a few. 

With hundreds of API integrations in addition to being the most downloaded mobile GIF keyboard, Tenor processes over 300 million searches every day!


Visual flexibility

Tenor’s goal is to define a new visual language for the mobile age–and most importantly–enable users to express thoughts and emotions with ease. Sharing GIFs allow users to communicate so much more than words alone.

The Tenor team approached us in need of a logo and branding system that not only brought visual connection to their GIF-sharing community, but also needed their identity to be flexible enough to live within many different environments and interfaces.


Emotionally driven

When we began developing the logo, we explored numerous avenues around the idea of communication and language; many early concepts integrated visuals such as sound waves, punctuation and speech bubbles.

However, through further research around their data, we learned that 90% of all Tenor searches were centered around emotion (i.e.: high five, OMG, Friyay, sigh, etc.), which we thought was an incredible discovery. We and the Tenor team ultimately felt that imbuing emotion through their identity would best portray who they were as a company and global tool.


Human touch

We landed on a direction that we dubbed “the companion”; a friendly face in the personified ‘t’ of the logo portrays exactly what Tenor does–bringing warmth and relatable human emotion through expressive imagery.



The logotype is completely custom and constructed from the ground up. Additionally, each geometric letter breaks down into a “confetti” piece that is used together as a brand pattern; the pattern is implemented throughout varying touch points to showcase the brand’s dynamic personality.

Tenor_Logo_Casestudy_Small Pattern.png


Similar to the logo process, we were also careful choosing a type system and color palette that spoke from the same lively yet approachable voice.


The outcome

With every branding project, what we truly enjoy most is learning the intimate details about what makes a company unique, and their relationship with their audience. By using Tenor’s data as a compass for the brand, we were able to create a successful identity that is just as flexible and personable as their product.