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Flower & Freedom case study

Flower & Freedom is a cannabis lifestyle brand and community platform founded by fitness enthusiast Bethany Rae. Bethany’s mission is to empower others to feel comfortable exploring cannabis as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Because cannabis is so heavily stigmatized in today’s society, Bethany works diligently as an advocate to educate the general public about the health and wellness benefits that are achievable through safe consumption. She facilitates positive conversation around the plant by producing relevant content, hosting immersive events, and providing as much personal experience she can in hopes to redefine cannabis as wellness tool consumers can make conscious and informed decisions about. 


Brand essence

Sophisticated Empowering Curated Approachable

F&F_CaseStudy_Palette & Anatomy.png

Branding in a stigmatized industry

The negative stereotype associated with the cannabis industry is prevalent, but due to the increasing global legalization of both medicinal and recreational use, the stigma is beginning to shift. As laws prohibiting cannabis have evolved to be less severe, societal interest in the once-feared hallucinogen is growing.

Design and marketing are playing a massive role in the cannabis industry’s success. There is enormous value in strategic branding and eye-catching visuals, especially in a space where those traits are only beginning to exist. Our biggest goal for Flower & Freedom was to divorce the rampant ‘stoner aesthetic’ that has been imprisoning the industry for years, and instead, approach the brand with a lifestyle lens.

F&F_CaseStudy_Logo suite.png

We wanted to create a cannabis brand that didn’t look like a ‘cannabis brand’

Because accessible branding is key to garnering–and inspiring–social acceptance within a controversial space, approaching Flower & Freedom through a lifestyle lens was vital. 

We developed the brand to feel curated yet approachable, informative yet nurturing. We refreshed the existing logo to feel high-fashion, and implemented a sophisticated color palette complemented by a delicate type system; we knew the audience we were targeting would be drawn to the thoughtful craft and be receptive to a brand that pushed these boundaries–despite a stigma.


“Honestly, only in my wildest dreams do I have a logo this beautiful! Aalchemy took us through the whole process–from understanding my personal ‘why’ and long-term vision, to delivering the beautiful new Flower & Freedom brand with professionalism and creativity. I look forward to continuing working with them on other design projects including packaging, merchandise design and more.”

Bethany Rae, FOUNDER of flower & freedom

F&F_CaseStudy_Merch 1.png

Mock-ups of merchandise

Bethany has big plans for Flower & Freedom and is in constant talk with investors. In addition to a complete rebrand and a comprehensive guideline deck, we also worked with her team to create beautiful mock-ups that emulate Bethany’s vision for future products. Although these are not final designs, stand-in visuals such as these are extraordinarily useful in pitch decks as they do the heavy lifting when conveying your business plan to potential shareholders. 

Mock-ups demonstrate system thinking, brand extension, and how well the existing brand is able to flex in various collateral pieces.

F&F_CaseStudy_Fitness Tracker.png

The outcome

The legalization of cannabis is a revolutionary time for design; the industry has been starved for accessible brands for far too long, and we are truly excited and proud to help shape this space in its infancy. Setting a design precedent will undoubtedly play a crucial role in the growth of this new world, and we feel fortunate to have helped build the Flower & Freedom brand.